Ceramic Studio Based in Lima, Peru.


Our Story 

Cotto Designs is a studio with more than 10 years of experience, founded by the graphic artist Corinna Silva-Rodriguez Bonazzi in 2005, in the garage of a house and that has grown little by little until becoming this place exclusively designed and built, for crazy ideas to be designed and become a reality.

We love to see our customers come to enjoy the space we have created, and to have a better design process. It is amazing to be able to share with customers and artists the creative process of designing and creating products.


“A place where ideas become real products”

Corinna Silva-rodriguez  |  Founder



We want Cotto Designs to be more than just a brand. We intent to provide a different experience for designing a product, by making our customer be part of the creative process. We love having our customers be involved in the making on their products, and be collaborators. Cotto Designs is a place for taking the relationship between the customer and the designer a step further to make sure we are creating unique products to satisfy our customers. 


We have been growing in the last few years, by being able to collaborate with different types of artist around the world, and we want to continue to do so. That is why we want Cotto Designs to keep growing and improving to always be capable of providing this unique user experience of designing a product. 


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