Cotto was founded in 2006, focusing on the production of designed homeware pieces, working with many of Lima’s leading restaurants. By 2013 the studio had begun to introduce aspects of training, advice and research around ceramic techniques and materials. Since then, Cotto has collaborated in the production, research and realization of art works for local and international exhibitions.

Located in the Barranco district, artists are given the opportunity to experience one of Lima’s most vibrant neighborhoods with easy access to accommodation, art galleries, theaters, transportation, supermarkets and inexpensive restaurants.


Communal studio spaces
Electric pottery wheel x 2
Fully equiped plaster workshop
Photo silkscreen equipment for direct or indirect transfer printing
Air-compressor and gun for painting
Welder & metal working tools
WiFi internet throughout studio & outside garden
Physical & digital library of ceramic resources including glaze making software
Digital projector


Gas Kiln 1   △ 7 - 9
Dimensions: 90cm x 70cm x 90cm

Gas Kiln 2   △ 7 - 9
Dimensions: 80cm x 66cm x 70cm

Electric Kiln △ 7 - 9
Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 64cm



⊙ Sander
⊙ Banding Wheels
⊙ Sieves
⊙ Paddles
⊙ Scales
⊙ Rolling Pins
⊙ Hydrometer


⊙ Ball Mill
⊙ Slab Roller
⊙ Manual Extrudor
⊙ Drills
⊙ Jigsaw
⊙ Grinders
⊙ Emery tools
⊙ Dremel


Clay turning
Clay extrusion
Custom kiln fires
Creation of plaster moulds
Preparation of clay sheets
Preparation of custom clays
Preparation of custom glazes

These services are coordinated on a case by case basis with respect to cost and availability.