Cotto’s Studio Residency Program provides a unique opportunity for artists to research and produce new ceramic projects under the guidance of the Cotto Studio advisors/directors, expand their practice by exploring local materials, and develop new professional networks. The paid program covers a fully-equipped shared pottery studio, production materials including clays, glazes and oxides, kiln firings, feedback and assistance from our team of specialized ceramicists.



Applications are open to all ceramicists and visual artists from around the world. We are looking for emerging or midcareer artists who will benefit from the explorative possibilities of working with Cotto’s staff, dialogue and bonding between residents and Cotto’s community of artists, and access to Cotto’s professional ceramic studio.

Successful applicants will be chosen based on the quality of their past work, investigative merits of their proposed project and viability of their participation.



The residency is to be undertaken over a 5, 8 or 10 -week period of your choosing.



To apply for Residency Programs, please send us the following via email to cottocsrb@gmail.com:

⛶ A short biography (maximum 50 words).
⛶ A statement of interest detailing your artist interests (maximum 100 words).
⛶ A current CV (maximum 1 page).
⛶ Support material in the format of a PDF document with 5-10 images and captions. Please supply any video content as a URL web link (10 minutes max).
⛶ Preferred dates.

Applications can be made in English or Spanish.



10 weeks program: US $950
8 weeks program: US $850
5 weeks program: US $550

This fee includes access to the shared studio facility, production materials including clays, glazes and oxides, kiln firings, guidance from Cotto studio advisors and facilitation of open studio event. Further details about the studios production materials, kilns and other resources can be found here.

The cost of the Cotto Ceramic Studio Residency does not include accomodation. We are happy however to assist you in locating suitable accomodation for your particular needs and budget close by to the studio.

Please note that since Cotto does not have governmental or private support, it is not within its possibilities to offer grants at this moment. Artists are encouraged to apply for independent sponsors and we will provide invitation letters and guidance to cooperate with artists' necessary fund raising and any other documentation needed.



⊙ Artists are responsible for obtaining necessary medical insurance.
⊙ Artists are responsible for the transportation of any equipment or artwork to/from the Studio Program.
⊙ Artists will be asked to sign an agreement that outlines the terms of the program.