Laura Coz is a graduate of Visual Arts at the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. Her work is characterized by the search for new languages through the alteration of ordinary materials to approach a dialectical reality, to show that two opposing concepts are never completely different or distant and that the border that separates them is often blurred. Her visual strategies are articulated with the purpose of sensually stimulating her audience. Laura has exhibited at different fairs and museums in Chile such as the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Visual Arts in Santiago de Chile.




Martin graduated from the University of New South Wales with a Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons.) in 2015.  His interest in ceramics grew out of the experimentation with different glazing techniques. At the moment Martin is creating sensational universes that are open for interpretation, structures appearing as structures that come from an apocalyptic or extraterrestrial time. He is also currently studying a Masters in curatorial practices at the University of Sydney.




Patricia discovered pottery in a ceramic cooperative in Fez in 2008, a decisive meeting to renew her life in art. She went on to learn throwing technics in France and Canada. In 2011, she became the assistant of France Goneau. Since 2013, she creates ceramic collections out of her studio in Dordogne, regularly exhibiting across Europe.

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