Corinna Silva-Rodriguez Bonazzi first began experimenting with ceramics in Lima when she came in contact with it through the practice of her grandmother. Between studying graphic design at Otis/Parsons School of Design, Los Angeles and co-founding the Wolf design studio in Mexico City during the 1980s, she continued her interest in working with clay. Returning to Lima she worked in the area of graphic-screen-printing production while maintaining her ceramic practice, and taking a teaching role at San Ignacio University

Looking to completely dedicate herself to ceramics, in 2005, Corinna founded the Cotto Designs ceramics studio. She quickly began producing specialty dishes for various top national and foreign restaurants, commissioned pieces for artist projects and workshops for young artists.

Working extensively with coils, Corinna likes to lose time and feel how the clay takes her fingers and drives the pieces.



Ignacio Guzmán has over 30 years of ceramic practice. Locally, he has been part of numerous ceramic projects such as: in the region of Aylambo-Cajamarca with german ceramist Uli Witzman; undertaking traditional Chazuta pottery and firing within the jungle of Tarapoto; and as an active member of the CIAP ceramic lab involving associations of artesans from the highlands of Ayacucho in Lurin and Vitarte.

Through these projects, he has become trained in-depth in the use of local materials and traditional practices of pottery in Perú giving him a wide knowledge of ancestral techniques and firings.

Internationally, he has worked and exhibited in Spain and Belgium since 2000. He was a teacher of ceramics at Pontificia Universidad Católica, Lima for 8 years and has taught at the National School of Arts in Lima.





Eder Salas Lermo is a visual artist with a specialization in sculpture from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (2017). He has worked within the medium of ceramics since 2013, acquiring a vast knowledge through different investigations such as formulation of new glazes, porcelain, and Rakú burning technique. His interest in the ceramic wheel has given him a rigorous studio practice through the continuos fabrication of new pieces. 

His sculptural projects over the last two years have been related to human beings and their relationship with nature, for this he has always tried to develop a link between ceramics as a medium, thrown pieces and sculpture itself. 



Renzo is a plastic artist who graduated with a degree in industrial design from the Faculty of Art PUCP (2015). His work in ceramics is constantly moving between the design of objects and the plastic expression of matter. In both directions, it seeks to develop products that involve the user in an emotional way, to convey a poetic, ludic, or critical message.  

Currently, his work tries to highlight the vulnerability of being versus the future, through relationships of forms, constructions, diverse materials and finishes.