Our one-off lab projects are designed for artists who may just have a short time in Lima and already have previous knowledge in ceramics.

These modules cost USD $150 per week which includes one-on-one sessions with the relevant studio specialist, full daily access to the studio, storage and a standard amount of materials and firing for tests. If at any point you would like to begin production of pieces, large quantities of materials can be purchased directly from the studio.

The studio offers the below one-off labs :

  • GLAZES LAB (2 weeks +)

This laboratory focuses on the development and formulation of glazes, using a wide variety of local resources. Our electric and gas kilns offer you different fires to test your research: oxidation, reduction, ramps, and multiple firing techniques. 

This lab takes advantage of Lima's different altitudes and earth types by including a trip to Lima's surrounding area to collect your own organic materials and minerals which will be processed by our ball-mill and used within your formulation of glazes.

Tests are developed through a professional software which allows the artist to have a record of the development of formulas. Additionally, the studio has an extended library of previous research tests that are available for you to study.


This lab guides you through the formulation of a personalised clay or porcelain according to the sculptural works you may be developing.  The studio assesses your project and helps  design and create a clay that will best compliment your needs (for example paper clay for hollow and thin structures).

Once developed, you are given the opportunity to test the characteristics of your own clay through firings (eg. resistance to temperature).


This lab provides you with the knowledge to undertake very simple to very complex moulded pieces.  We will go through each step of the process, according to your specific shape, from the primary casting of the mould, to removing the mould and perfecting the shape before firing.

The techniques taught in this lab are very useful for artists that wish to work in series or those working with very elaborate shapes, or sculptures composed of many pieces.



If you would like to take part in one of our short term One-off LABS, send us an email to  cottocsrb@gmail.com so that we can start organizing your experience.

Please include:

⛶ Choice of LAB
⛶ Preference of date

Inquiries welcome in English or Spanish.